Can I withdraw an application?

Yes, all applications can be withdrawn by following the link to ‘withdraw application’.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

Yes, there’s no limit to the number of applications or expressions of interest you can make.

Snoworker suggests to only apply for positions that you hold the right qualifications and experience for.

As a business can I post multiple adverts?

Yes, we actively encourage to all businesses to advertise all relevant services.

As a business can I shortlist applicants on the Snoworker site?

Yes, applications can be shortlisted and downloaded for your convenience.

Is my data secure?

Snoworker provides a secure log on facility and is GDPR compliant with all data hosted on the site. We only store essential information needed to operate.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, all users can request for their accounts to be permanently deleted. At such a time all data relating to the account will be purged.